Dehydratation Process and Advantages

The dehydration of Alfalfa is a process that involves removing the water content from the plant with the aim of preserving it for later use, such as animal feed or as a raw material for tech industry. Dehydrated alfalfa has a longer self life and is easier to store and transport compared to fresh alfalfa. 


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Alfalfa is harvested at the right stage of its growth cycle, typically when it is in full bloom. The quality of the alfalfa at this point is crucial for obtaining a high-quality end product.

From ALFEED, through our technical departments, has been making test during several years to know when is the best moment to cut looking forward obtain highest quality of alfalfa, with leaf, high protein and a good green colour. 

Our farmers implement the best practices and applying modern farming and harvest techniques using the latest technologies and machinery using conditioners to cut the alfalfa. These machines expedite the initial drying process allowing harvest in the best moment, reducing dependence on weather conditions and obtaining higher nutritional value by reducing leaf loss.

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Dehydratation Process

The cut alfalfa is colleting and transporting to the dehrydator factories where is subjected to a heat processing to remove the water from it. This industrial process allows a grater and more homogeneous drying than the sun dehydrated alfalfa. Also, the heat processing guaranties the removal the external contaminations in the product. ALFEED possesses and operates on seven factories of processing forage with ten lines of production equipped with latest processing and packing (bales and pellets) equipment. We are investing in processes and technologies highly automated with a minimal human intervention.


Once the alfalfa has been dehydrated is stored in suitable conditions. Dry storage is essential to maintain product quality.

Alfeed has closed warehouses in all of its factories, which allow it to keep the dehydated forage in the best conditions during all campaign and give it the capacity to supply its customers on a regular basis throughout the year.

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Alfeed Quality

Explore our unique workflow that positions us as a leading global exporter of alfalfa.


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