In cattle feed, it provides quality protein, minerals and vitamins. For this reason, its use is recommended in cattle breeding.


Perfect balance between protein and fiber.


High content of vitamins A, E and K, and most of the required minerals.

Alfalfa, Medicago sativa, is the most important forage plant and has been used for livestock since ancient times due to its excellent nutritional and medicinal properties. It is a product with a perfect balance between protein and fiber, both in neutral detergent and acid, wich makes it a food with high digestibility and easy consumption for the animal.

Alfalfa is an herbaceus plant for the legume family. It is prized as fodder owing to its excellent nutritional properties and its high degree of palatability.
Forages in general, and Alfalfa in particular, are essential food for livestock since they provide the neccesary elements to maintain rumen function and animal health.

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